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Search hints

If you search by subject, use search terms in Finnish to get the most comprehensive set of results. Use the Finto service to find the Finnish versions of English terms.

Fill in as much as you'd like. Using more than one line will narrow the search. If you choose Yes for "Words adjacent," you can type in the phrase computer programming and the system will understand that you want only records that have the word computer NEXT to the word programming.

Lowercase letters will find matches of capitalized words also. For example, computer will find matches for computer, Computer and COMPUTER.

Use the ? character to find matches that contain portions of words. For example, Helsin? will retrieve Helsinki, Helsingin, helsinkiläinen, etc. In another example, ?ology will retrieve anthropology, archaeology, psychology, etc. The ? character may also be used to find variant spellings. For example, alumi?m will find both aluminum and aluminium.


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